Pre workout supplement - my best combo

Let my share my knowledge about supplements and especially about pre workout supplement.

I am training for 11years now, and tried different pre workout products. Years back I have even tried raw eggs(not a healthy think as promoted).

Getting back to present day I am proud to say that I used some of the best ingredients and products.

Here is my short description of my best pre workout supplement combo. I use this for about 8months now and never thought to change a think on it.

Beta-Alanine - 1gr

Arginine AAKG - 1.5gr

Creatine - 3gr

Vitargo - 30gr

Leucine - 7gr

BCAA - 5gr

Add plain water(not a fun of juice of any kind) and shake. You can use a blender, although the ingredients quality of my pre workout supplements is high and don't need a blender.

Ad 2 ice cubes(on summer days) and enjoy your pumping and new gains.

For best results you should include the best post workout supplement to maximize gains.

Note: you should always consult a doctor before attending any training routine, diet or supplement. This site is with my own point of view on "best pre workout supplement" and this is not an advice. It is only my personal opinion.

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